The Equine Healing Sanctuary

The Equine Healing Sanctuary’s grass livery provides a haven for horses who require a peaceful healing environment for them to rest and rehabilitate from physical or emotional issues. Based at the stunning organic Drydown farm, right in the heart of the surrey hills (GU5), where natural hedgerow herbs grow in abundance.

The Sanctuary has first class grazing, fabulous views which horses just thrive on and the calm surroundings provide the best place for them to heal themselves. It is important to work holistically with the horse, this requires a real understanding of what the horse needs, a relaxing environment, excellent nutrition, balance of vitamins, herbs and minerals and of course first-class vets/osteopaths/physio’s/other therapies.

All these play a vital role in the healing process, as does the way we introduce them back to ridden work too, therefore we also assist with ground work and long lining to help the horse become physically fit prior to being ridden.

Horses are treated like they are our own and the grass livery includes weekly full groom, relax HAO massage and a herbal self-selection session, to enable us to keep an eye on their physical and mental well being. We are optimistic that with time and correct care the horse will have the best chance to return to their work/career, even if it’s at a lower level or different discipline.

Our staff have worked with horses in a professional capacity for many years and offer a variety of experience including, BHS examinations, Equine Management Diploma, equine nurse at Liphook veterinary hospital, Animal healing, Applied Zoopharmacognosy (self-selection of herbs) and Relax HAO massage. Many case studies of Joanna Haslam’s healing work can be seen on her FB page Joanna Haslam Healing.