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Ebbisham Lane, Walton on the Hill,


Private lessons can be booked at Wildwoods Riding Centre. 1 or 2 hour sessions on any of the following subjects:

Long reining

Horse handling

Horse behaviour

Retraining and the effects of abuse.

Fear of horses course. 1 to 2 hours, build up your confidence, not a riding course.


By exploring ways the horse can be trained we also evaluate the communication process. We learn from that connection, we become more understanding, receptive and open to change. We enable and support the horse to enjoy his relationship with us and improve his performance levels through exemplary ground handling – good communication, empathy and precise timing – building trust and love. Caroline will share her gentle loading technique, based on communication and empathy.

Caroline’s background as a jockey and her collaboration with Monty Roberts and many other professional horse people over the years has provided her with an insight into equines. She will explain the values of long reining and the use of voice commands.

Caroline believes;

‘Horses were not put into the world to serve mankind, but that is what they have done. They are not here as stepping-stones for war, or sport or pleasure. They are equals in the journey through life, not to be exploited. We need to understand that they have great intelligence and they can think for themselves and learn at great speed. Many of the horses I deal with have been taught to behave dangerously. I offer to you the possibility of learning how sensitive and intelligent horses are and how to get the best out of your horse by giving it time to think by being gentle.’



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Riding boots

Riding clothes

Hard hat to current standard

Body protector if you require one.


Loading Day

At present there are no further dates for  2024

With Caroline Baldock 9.30 – 13.00

This workshop will investigate the problems horses face when asked to load into a trailer or horsebox.

We will be schooling the horses to accept this change in environment by putting the horses through a series of desensitization exercises.

It is important to understand what concerns the horse and what reaction he is likely to have when asked to deal with these concerns.

Wildwoods Riding Centre, Epsom, Surrey. 01737 814 872


The Muscles of the Horse in Action

Please phone Caroline 07745 831 843

Based on a book by Rolf Becher, ‘Schooling by the Natural Method’, Caroline uses a power point presentation to show the muscles of the horse and how horse training affects these muscles. We begin with the effects of the bearing rein imposed on carriage horses in the 19th century and look at how types of schooling including using long reining, cavaletties, circles and jumping styles can affect your horse’s muscle development.

The Evolution of the Horse

A journey into the evolution of the horse for both adults, and or children. Caroline will use a power point presentation to tell the story of the horse. A complete horse skeleton will be available for study. There is an activity break at half-time.

2 hours with activity breaks.

How the Horse Shaped Epsom

A power point presentation following the history of Epsom and the development of one of the World’s greatest horse races. The talk begins with the Romans and ends with film footage of various Derby’s.

1 hour 30 minutes

My Life With Monty

A power point presentation of Caroline’s life with one of the greatest and best-known and loved horse whisperer’s of the 20th century. It reveals his life and background and the origins of many of his solutions to horse problems. She reveals the genius of this extraordinary horseman.

1 hour 30 minutes

Turkmenistan, the Forgotten Country

An in-depth power point presentation of Turkmenistan and its horses. Caroline visited Turkmenistan twice. She was invited by the government to present a paper on the origin of the Akhal Teke horse.

She brings her knowledge to bear on the origin of the Thoroughbred.

1 hour 30 minutes

Travelling with Louise Firouz in Iran

With a power point presentation Caroline brings to life a journey she made with Louise Firouz to the borders of Turkmenistan with a group of friends and enthusiasts for the Turkoman horse. This comes with a short film.

1 hour 30 minutes

Victorian London

This is a power point presentation of life in Victorian London when horses were the only source of power. Horses had to heave loads up hills, across cobbles, wait in the freezing cold for rich people to be taken home. They had to put up with the horrors of the bearing rein. As this forced the horse’s head up, the under neck muscles over developed and this caused the horse to stumble.

2 hours.


Caroline is available to book for demonstrations on long reining and horse handling.

She will also ride your horse/s and advise on riding style and training.