Client Reviews

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Maya’s gift

Caroline was extremely open to questions and showed a huge extent of knowledge which came through in her teaching. Lucie

Very useful, I learnt a lot and it was relevant to the exercise. Caroline obviously had much experience and it showed with her explanation. Laura

Enjoyment, getting close to horses/understanding them better. Christine

Made me think how to transfer knowledge to how I ride better visualizing whole horse four feet not two and a bum! Gloria

Very useful for me will definitely try long reining at home and leading without a head collar. Gillian

I would definitely recommend this – it has proved so useful and I am looking forward to using what I have learned. It was great fun too. Cheryl

Caroline is very enthusiastic and scary in a good way! Knowledgeable with good use of personal experience and anecdotes. Charlotte

Came to develop groundwork and build my confidence, achieved both, but need to do more. Thank you! Jan

I loved the long reining exercises a fun informative course. Jacqui

A very enjoyable day. Thank you! Julie

Very lucky to have one-to-one. Caroline broke various tasks into smaller steps. It was helpful to have direct instruction at times e.g. left rein etc. Chris