About Caroline Baldock

This year I was delighted to be able to take Rocky to Chertsey Show with his owner Kate Harris. We worked with this horse for eighteen months. I long reined him and put him over my cavaletties. I trained him to loose-school like a circus horse. It has taken months.

I have also worked with Kate to inprove the communication between them. The results were heart warming. Kate took Rocky into a ridden and an in-hand showing class. The judge commended Rocky on his lovely paces and his potential. We were delighted.

So here he is the lovely Rocky and Kate, the sky is the limit.

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“I too have something to say!”
Caroline & Melmott
Caroline & Melmott (Smelly)

Caroline has spent a lifetime with horses. She has ridden since she was 11 and competed in most disciplines, show jumping, polo, eventing, racing, long distance riding and showing.

She was one of Great Britain’s first professional female flat jockeys at a time when the mere hint of a woman on the racecourse competing against men bought forth a torrent of complaints, usually from the other jockeys.

Caroline spent many years riding racehorses in France, England and Ireland. She is currently campaigning for a Museum of the Horse for Great Britain.

Caroline studied antiquarian equine literature and is a specialist on antiquarian horse books at J. A. Allen’s the Horseman’s Bookshop.

Ashgabat Ride Past

Her many travels have led her to Turkmenistan and Iran. There she experienced the beauty of the Oriental horses so crucial to the development of the thoroughbred.

Caroline was invited to attend the two annual conferences on the Akhal Teke’s role in world Horse Breeding, presenting two papers.

She was invited to attend the celebrations following ten years of independence, and was entertained by the Minister of the Horse Geldi Kiarizov. Her travels took her to the stud owned by the Minister for Oil and Gas.

Louise Firouz, Iran

Caroline has on horseback with Louise Firouz travelled from her stud in Eastern Iran to the Turkoman border. Louise Firouz was a breeder of  Turkoman horses and the founder of the Caspian Breed society. Caroline experienced the joy of fenceless plains and endless grassland and mountainous trekking with some of the most traveled and knowledgeable companions.

In 2009, Caroline rode her thoroughbred racehorse Melmott up Whitehall to No 10 Downing Street to present a petition showing support for a Museum of the Horse for Great Britain, to the minister of the horse. Watch the whole event as it happened in a film called Lady Godiva rides horse to Downing Street on YouTube now.

Watch an interview with the Minster of State for DEFRA, Minister of the Horse, Jim Fitzpatrick and Caroline Anns-Baldock referencing the potential for a Museum of the Horse for the UK. Includes extra footage of the ride up Whitehall with Caroline dressed as Lady Godiva.

Miep on Dolly, Caroline on Melmott

In 2010, she rode Melmott from Epsom to Canterbury. Although not completing the entire journey due to adverse weather conditions, she completed the first and last day.

Caroline has been teaching long reining and running clinics in conjunction with Jo Rose therapist, and riding instructor on horse handling and horse training.

She also starts horses and works from the ground with schooling youngsters and horses with emotional and physical problems and now works in conjunction with Wildwoods Riding Centre and Holly Bush Stables.